Tobias Jack LeBlanc
Tj leblanc










Trevor LeBlanc (adoptive father)
Roxy LeBlanc (mother)
Finn LeBlanc (half-brother)
Wyatt LeBlanc (half-brother)
Drew LeBlanc (half-brother)

Tobias Jack "TJ" LeBlanc is the eldest son of Roxy LeBlanc. He was portrayed by Luke Bartelme through Seasons 1-4, and by Connor Christie in Seasons 5-6.


TJ LeBlanc is the oldest son of Roxy LeBlanc and adoptive stepson of 1LT Trevor LeBlanc. He was born to Roxy and Jesse, Roxy's high school sweetheart, when she was still in high school . who she left after realizing he was an abusive drunk, who had "punched [her] in the gut" while she was six months pregnant.

TJ has never met his father, but after Roxy married Trevor LeBlanc and he wanted to adopt the boys, Jesse showed up at Fort Marshall to try and win her back. Trevor confronts Jesse and pays him off to sign away his parental rights; Jesse has not been seen since. It is not until season 5 that TJ learns about the identity of his biological father.

TJ is 6 or 7 years old when his mother marries Trevor in the pilot episode. Despite his young age he has indicated that he was aware of his mother's sordid past and the friends she had surrounded her. As a result, he is very protective of his mother as shown in season 5 when he is suspicious of Whit and does not hide his dislike of the latter.

Trevor legally adopted both TJ and his half-brother Finn after marrying their mother and both boys took his last name. By the end of season 1, he bonds with Trevor and starts calling him "Dad."

TJ struggled through Trevor's second deployment and was entering a preteen rebellious phase while Trevor was in Afghanistan. The lack of a father figure eventually started to take a toll on Roxy, who once complained that TJ prefers listening to Trevor over her.

The usually mild-mannered TJ began uncharacteristically disobeying Roxy and displaying a disrespectful attitude towards her. He was caught shoplifting by the MPs at the Post Exchange (PX) in the episode "Command Presence" and the news spreads to Trevor in Afghanistan, leading him to call home.

After receiving a harsh reprimand from Trevor, TJ realizes that he has disappointed his father and changes his ways.

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