Dr. Roland Burton is a fictional character from the Lifetime TV show Army Wives. He is played by Sterling K. Brown.

Roland Burton


First appearance

"A Tribe is Born"

(episode 1.01)

Portrayed by

Sterling K. Brown





Professional counselor




Joan Burton

(wife;2 children [1 adopted])


Sara Elizabeth Burton (daughter, with Joan)

David Burton (son, with Joan; adopted)


Fort Marshall, South Carolina

Fictional biographyEdit

250px-Sterling K Brown as Army Wives character Roland Burton

Sterling K. Brown as Dr. Roland Burton

Roland is married to Colonel Joan Burton (Wendy Davis). As such, he is the lone "Army husband" among the main characters, which include four Army wives. While he and Joan are at odds in Season 1, he has a one-night stand with a visiting reporter. He confesses to Joan when she returns from from a PTSD treatment center, leading to some anger-filled moments, but she forgives him after a few episodes.

Roland and Joan have a daughter, Sara Elizabeth, who was born at the end of Season 2 and celebrates her first birthday in Season 4. Sara Elizabeth's godparents are Claudia Joy and General Michael Holden.


In the first season, Roland is primarily a "house-husband," dealing with the on and off deployments of his wife, who is a major in the Army and leads a combat unit in Afghanistan In Season 2, Joan returns home to work for General Holden, while Roland puts his previous education and experience in psychiatry to use as a counselor for the high school on the Fort Marshall base. He loses that job due to what is later revealed to be unfair circumstances, and goes to work for a man named Terence Price, joining him in a private counseling practice. At the end of Season 3, Terence is forced to flee due to an incident in the past (which caused him to change his identity), and Roland assumes the practice himself.

Joan, meanwhile, has been promoted to Lt. Colonel, and deploys to Iraq at the end of Season 3. Roland is forced to juggle career and home life, much as the Army wives are doing, as the couple's daughter turns one year old.

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