Secrets are a part of life for Master Sergeant Chase Moran as a member of the elite Delta Force. Disappearing for days or months on high-risk covert missions requires Chase to maintain a certain mental and physical agility. His professional aloofness belies his intense feelings for his ex-cop wife, Pamela, and their two kids, Katie and Lucas. Chase has been a bit irresponsible in the past, but his position on Delta Force has forced him to get serious about his life, career and loved ones.

The biggest hurdle for Chase is not being able to be there for his family when they need him, whether that means attending his child’s birthday party or protecting his wife from a stalker. Although he and Pamela divorced in Season 4, Chase realized that he is still in love with her.

In the 5th season, Chase decides to leave Delta Force and become an instructor in order to stay around the kids and hopefully reunite with Pamela. They get re-married and eventually move to California in the 6th season.

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